Massage Treatments near Guildford

Focusing on you, and only you!

Our Massage Treatments Include:

> Reflexology
> Craniosacral Therapy
> Therapeutic Massage
> Indian Head Massage
> Maternity Massage
> Reiki.

Bramley Natural Health Studio was set up in 1998 by Sue Aldridge in a treatment room on the top floor above Kim’s Haircutters at No. 10, High Street, Bramley in Surrey. Over the years, Sue’s training continued with new treatments and therapies added and ongoing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) carried out each year.


The practice has both female and male clients, with an age range from new-born babies to clients in their 90’s!


In February 2010, the hairdressers (now K J Hair Design) and Bramley Natural Health Studio moved to the ground floor of the same building.  The therapy practice is now in a new treatment room at the rear of the bustling hairdressers.   Access is through the front entrance of the hair salon, and there is a designated waiting area for Health Studio clients outside the treatment room. 


“5 years ago, severe back pains were threatening to end my sporting activities. A program of Pilates-style exercises and regular massage by Sue has enabled me to continue with tennis and golf and avoid the couch potato scenario!”

Peter M




Bramley Natural Health Studio
10 High Street

Tel: 01483 890377

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