Maternity Massage in Guildford

“Massage has been used since ancient times across the globe to enhance wellbeing and heal the body, ease pregnancy and labour, assist recovery after the birth and soothe babies.”
(Dr. Yehudi Gordon)

Our Massage Treatments Include:

> Reflexology
> Craniosacral Therapy
> Therapeutic Massage
> Indian Head Massage
> Maternity Massage
> Reiki.

Massage and touch are powerful tools in supporting women to contact the wisdom of their bodies in pregnancy and birth; these same tools can also enable both parents to bond early with their developing child.


The massage therapist is simply following an ancient tradition practiced all over the World – women helping other women through pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy and post-natally can help the mother and baby. During pregnancy it can reduce the physical stresses of changing posture and the physical aches and pains that can be experienced, especially during the third trimester. Post-natally, massage can bring further benefits for both mother and her new-born baby. 


Massage During Pregnancy
As the curve of the lower back increases to counter-balance the weight of the growing abdomen, tension and pain are often felt around the lumbar spine, sacral area and in the hips resulting in sciatica. Often the shoulders and neck tighten to compensate. Massage can alleviate this tension and pain, allowing the body to re-balance.


Massage Post-Natally
Within the first six weeks after birth, gentle massage can help relieve residual tension from the birth and allow the body to re-balance. It can also assist muscular recovery, especially of the abdominal and pelvic muscles. Postural tension from feeding or carrying the new baby can be relieved in the neck and shoulders or lower back.


Sue Aldridge (Well Mother APNT Massage & Pregnancy Diploma)

“I had already had several treatments, both massage and reflexology, with Sue before I became pregnant with our first baby. Sue was then doing her Pregnancy Massage training (in 2004) and asked if I would be a case study for her. She gave me massage treatments all through my pregnancy and it really helped my backache and tight shoulders and helped me to be aware of my posture as my body changed and the baby grew. I came back for more massage treatments during my 2nd pregnancy and would really recommend it – it gave me a peaceful hour for me and the baby.”
Lucy is an idea! A Maternity Massage can be combined with Reflexology or Craniosacral Therapy. Reflexology is often suggested by midwives to help the mother's body prepare for the birth of the baby & can be a separate treatment or included within maternity massage.


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