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A BIG thank you to all my clients who have written the following testimonials


“After breaking my collar bone 5 months previous and needing physio for lack of range of movement but getting very limited results, I finally went to Sue upon the recommendation of a friend and I have to say it’s one of the better recommendations I have ever had. Range of movement started to return almost immediately and I am pleased to say after 1 session every other week for approximately 3 months I am all but back to normal. I don’t doubt with continued physio I would have seen results but rather than leaving the session with Sue feeling as though I had been pulled and pummelled as I did after physio, I felt relaxed and generally better about life. As well as the great results with my collar bone it has made me realise just what a wonderful commodity regular massage can be for mind and body”
F England, Shalford & Kingston

“I first went to see Sue Aldridge at Bramley Natural Health in 2007 for help with tinnitus and general relaxation, after a few (reflexology) treatments I noticed a huge improvement and continued to have a monthly treatment with Sue. In 2010 I sustained a triple fracture in my left ankle which left me unable to walk unaided for approximately 4 months, during this time I had physiotherapy and also went to see Sue regularly for treatment and she played a large part in helping me regaining the use full use of my ankle. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Sue ”
Sue B, Wonersh

“5 years ago, severe back pains were threatening to end my sporting activities. A program of Pilates-style exercises and regular massage by Sue has enabled me to continue with tennis and golf and avoid the couch potato scenario!”
Peter M, Cranleigh

“It all started nine years ago with a sports injury but soon became all about relaxation and me-time. At the end of a session, I always say that if I were a cat, I would be purring!”
Melanie W, Godalming

“I have a bad back and the regular massages I receive from Sue release the knots that build up during every day life. The treatment improves my mobility and is very relaxing. “
Irena P, Compton

“As a company director, I work long hours and my job can be quite stressful at times.  I have a weekly massage with Sue and it is a fab experience, I nearly always fall asleep during the treatment but wake up feeling totally refreshed – bliss!

I also have four show jumping horses and since I have had regular massages, I have much fewer aches and pains.  Thank you Sue!”
Faye, Hascombe

"As a fully trained aromatherapist (1988) I have always been aware of the benefits of massage, not only when you might be in physical pain but as a regime to maintain better overall health.  I was introduced to Sue Aldridge at the Bramley Natural Health Studio over 4 years ago when I moved to Bramley.   After my first visit I made a point of having regular treatments - aromatherapy on a weekly basis (when possible) to remove aches and pains, combat stress in general, improve circulation and also to nourish my skin  (as I suffered from eczema and psoriasis at that time).  Sue is very professional and has a natural gift to put you at ease.  I have had hundreds of similar treatments here and abroad and I consider Sue to be a very skilled practitioner.  More recently I have had some Craniosacral therapy and was truly amazed by the results.  I tried the treatment for the first time because I was having some bad shots with my golf and felt I had jarred my neck.  Sue managed to release the tension in my neck and I regained mobility.       


I thoroughly recommend her to those who have never tried natural therapies before and also to those who have, but have not been to the Bramley Natural Health Studio!"

Jennifer N, Bramley

“Sue's CranioSacral Therapy (CST) treatments are the best way I know to relieve the pain and headaches resulting from the damage to my neck and shoulders caused by a whiplash injury many years ago.   Her CST is very effective in locating and treating the source of these problems and she always seems to know just what’s needed.


Both before and after hip replacement surgery I found Sue's CST treatments helped so much to relieve pain and to improve my mobility.   It is always a pleasure to see her and relax in her warm and comfortable room.”

AJ, Send

“I have been enjoying (reflexology and Craniosacral therapy) treatments at Bramley Natural Health Studio for over 10 years!

The treatments are very relaxing and help the odd ache and pain. Highly recommended.”
Margaret Y, Abinger Common

“A relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable massage every month. Even without the benefit of treatment of specific aches, I would not be without it. Thank you Sue!”
Tony B, Shalford

“I have been seeing Sue for a number of years and can't imagine how I would manage without my monthly massage.   Each time Sue adjusts the treatment to fit with whatever is going on in my life at the time - sometimes I just need help to relax, sometimes I need relief from painful muscles. And it works.  One thing is for sure - I always sleep well that night! “
GJ, Witley

“I came to see Sue for a variety of reason, but mainly to restore my sense of wellbeing.  However, the reflexology helps with lymphatic drainage and to relax when I get stressed.  I have been coming for treatments for about 10 years – usually once a month but sometimes more regularly.  I always find Sue’s friendly, gentle and reassuring manner a joy to experience.  Sue works with integrity and with genuine care.  After a treatment, I not only feel immensely relaxed, I also feel invigorated, as if my batteries have been re-charged.
Thank you Sue!”
Anita H, Shalford

“I have been a client of Sue’s for many years and it (craniosacral therapy treatment) is always a wonderfully relaxing experience. Her magic touch has virtually cured me of headaches and migraines.”
BR, Cranleigh

“I had already had several treatments, both massage and reflexology, with Sue before I became pregnant with our first baby. Sue was then doing her Pregnancy Massage training (in 2004) and asked if I would be a case study for her. She gave me massage treatments all through my pregnancy and it really helped my backache and tight shoulders and helped me to be aware of my posture as my body changed and the baby grew. I came back for more massage treatments during my 2nd pregnancy and would really recommend it – it gave me a peaceful hour for me and the baby.”
Lucy, Guildford

“Having been coming to Bramley Natural Health Studio for several years, I really look forward to my monthly treatments. So relaxing and beneficial as Sue’s massage eases my back muscles and those knots in my shoulders. The Craniosacral treatment releases the tensions and is so relaxing I wish I didn’t have to move at the end of the session.”
Bridget, Dunsfold

“I arrive (for a treatment) with a big black cloud hanging over me and half an hour later I float home on a fluffy white cloud instead!”

Alison L, Bramley




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